Cell Phone Recycling

As you can see the world is being taken over by cell phones. From amazon, weather, heart monitors, banking, messaging, social media, and dating. We rely on these devices to function and the average user switches every 18 months. So we are looking at hundred of millions of cell phones being thrown in the garbage. They say 20 percent gets back to the manufacturer but a lot is in people drawers and even more is in the garbage. Cell phones have rare earth materials, as well as palladium, solder, silver, and zinc. We have found that China has been attempting to corner the market for rare earth material because they strategically see the ever growing influence of cell phones. Help us keep these rare earth material in the Unites States. Recycle with JayBen Scrap and we will insure these material are reused and not thrown out.

All cell phones will be handled in acceptance with the standards of the recycling Industry. It is upon you to make sure all data is deleted. We can erase information if requested.


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